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People, who want avoid Mediclaim / Health Insurance, I find out it that the people always are giving this 6 most common excuse.

Excuse 1: Not have any maturity return like LIC, if not any disease of me is.

Read True Fact of this excuse

It is true in Mediclaim not have any maturity return like LIC. But In the LIC you paying insurance cost which as A Term Insurance. That means if occurred any death than your family gets the claim but if not occurred any death during the policy term than you do not get any amount for this case. My question is if you doing indirectly this uncertain product then why not do Mediclaim.

You can also ask me if have in LIC plan an investment scheme with insurance cost then why not have any investment scheme with Mediclaim cost. The answer is every LIC plan has a fixed term that means 10 years or 15 years or 20 years or more which is the end in the age 65 but Mediclaim is the whole life plan. So how to Mediclaim Company giving you maturity return. After death is not possible giving return because death word is related to life insurance.

Another fact is in the life insurance you can get only one time claim if any death occurred. If not death occurred you not get any amount. After completing maturity term you get an amount which is only maturity return not claim. But in the Mediclaim you can get more and more claim every year within your yearly cover amount and it would have occurred in the whole life.

Excuse 2: I believe only instant return and in Mediclaim not have it.

Read True Fact of this excuse

Instant return is required in every life but long time return is also required in the life. For example child higher education or marriage or retire life, such and such. But in the Mediclaim you can get return instant and long time both. For example, if an accident occurred after doing Mediclaim than you can claim after 24 hours also. You can tell me if any incident occurred than get claim after 24 hours but not occurred any than not get. Mediclaim Company is now giving few facilities which for example non-claim health check-up or such and such few.

Excuse 3: My Health is good so not required now.

Read True Fact of this excuse

But the fact is that your health is the good reason you can take Mediclaim when your health will not good than Mediclaim company may be not doing your Mediclaim and if do you get to claim the particular disease after 4 years. 17/18 particular pre-mention diseases you get claim after 2 years so if you late doing Mediclaim you suffer from the claim. Know about details procedure of Mediclaim from any Mediclaim advisor taking rule because any advisor can suppress giving all details for his commission because if Mediclaim Company rejects your Mediclaim than agent not get any commission. It is safe for you getting claim if you do Mediclaim as early as possible.

Excuse 4: I have adequate money if is any disease.

Read True Fact of this excuse

How much whole life Nursing Home expenses will be, not possible to tell. If you have senseless for disease than it is difficult of your family to access your all type of money without your help. And if your family is bound to sell any asset that may be lost due to short time quick sale. Your family is not possible

The uninterrupted nursing treatment you can get if you have Mediclaim. If you or your family delay to deposit amount in the nursing home than the nursing home can interrupt your treatment which would be costly due to delay and painful also.

Excuse 5: Have Government hospital for free treatment

Read True Fact of this excuse

⦁ Government hospital always has the crowd so maybe you cannot get bed immediately.
⦁ Your checkups doctor attaches any nursing home and if you want to do operations by your check up doctor than required admit in the nursing home.
⦁ Due to less infrastructure of government hospital refer the patient to other than you bound to treatment to the nursing home.
⦁ In Government hospital always very much required family manpower and if you have not adequate manpower in your family then you have no way except Nursing Home.
⦁ It is true Government hospital is cheaper than nursing home cost but you can save cheaper money also doing Mediclaim.
Excuse 6: I have not required any Mediclaim
Read True Fact of this excuse
⦁ Are you something special human then who done Mediclaim?
⦁ Have you unlimited money to spend whole life with you & your family for many diseases.
⦁ Have any guarantee of you not to be any disease you & your family in your whole life?
⦁ Do you want to play a risky game either finishing all your saving money for you & your family’s diseases or save all savings money? But if is the nursing home case and you finished your all most all save money then tell me how to do further treatment. Your vital regular expenses also suffer from this case. This tension is whole life tension not few months tension.

Reasons For Doing Mediclaim personally

Reason 1:

I want increase my Mediclaim cover. I think Mediclaim is now much more expensive. Which I get cover from my office, is not enough for me.

Reason 2:

All Mediclaim company few disease providing cover after 2 years and if I change my job in to any other company than my 2 years waiting period is starting from beginning. If any disease is within 2 years than I not cover Mediclaim and this amount may be much more amount which I unable to expenses.

Reason 3:

I am giving much more tax every year now I want savings the tax.
Under section 80C is full by my others tax savings instruments. But I have listen government providing Tax savings by under section 80D also who doing Mediclaim .So saving my tax I want to do Mediclaim

Reason 4:

When I change my job than my new company may be not providing any Mediclaim than I it will be risk for my family. If I have Mediclaim separately than I get Mediclaim facility without breaking any time. I assume my new company also provide me Mediclaim but when I change my company a gap is create between 2 company where I not get any Mediclaim . So it is also risk for my family because new company can take time provides me all facility doing initial formalities.

Reason 5:

After age 60 years I not get any Mediclaim because I would be retired from job. If I try doing Mediclaim than may be rejected it due to my health because after 60 years, it most chance being health problem. So it would be the whole life risk for my family. This reason I want do Mediclaim immediately because any of my age can come typical disease and Mediclaim company can rejected doing Mediclaim .

Reason 6:

Few Mediclaim companies provide extra more very attractive facilities which not providing my office Mediclaim Company. For example few company providing every year health check up, more Day Care facilities, such and such types. To avail these types of benefit I want do Mediclaim.

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