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5 reasons you deserve a Second Opinion From An Expert Doctor

I’ve met a few people lately who are reluctant to get a second opinion. One woman said, “Oh, I don’t need a second opinion. I trust my doctor.” I support her and her decision wholeheartedly. What better place to be than in a place of trust? On the other hand, I want her and you to know that getting a second opinion should not been seen as criticism of your doctor. Honestly, you don’t really need a reason to get one. You deserve a second opinion.

Here are some reasons why:

An incorrect diagnosis can kill you. 

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With multiple heart blockages on an angiography report, diagnosis is critical to survival. With one or two blockages, Angioplasty and survival rates are very good, around 90%. In case of multiple blockages Bypass is preferred and not multiple stent angioplasty and so does the survival rate has a 50 – 70% with high risk. Also the rates of stents have been lowered with overall cost for angioplasty has come down (this needs to be understood). Also if patient is very high risk and her heart pumping (Ejection Fraction) is less than 20% then which procedure to be chosen etc. becomes confusing. Those odds should put a second opinion into focus. Carpenters and Quilters measure twice in order to cut once. It’s a good rule of thumb for a diagnosis, too.

Diagnosis is harder than it looks. 

Diagnosis is determined by a pathologist. While there are clear protocols in place for interpretation, most pathologists will tell you that diagnosis is partly an art. In addition, most biopsies are sent to local pathologists, who may not be specialists in your disease, which can make a critical difference in interpretation. If you look at bladder cancer cells all day long, you’ll become better at interpreting what you see. Even then, specialists disagree. The immediate difference between a Stage One bladder cancer and a Stage Two is that the former is treated with a drug infusion and the latter with removal of the bladder. That surgery changes your life forever and requires at least 6 weeks of recovery.

Treatment strategies aren’t always clear. 

I advise everyone to discuss the course of action and protocol for your illness with your consultant. For planned cases they should be able to explain it in detail with a copy of merits / demerits (Consent) to be given. Use this to talk with your doctor about her/his decisions. (Mine gave me a copy.). Sometimes, the protocols offer options, or you may have intolerable side effects with one treatment. You may need a second opinion for help in thinking about next steps.

Bedside manner isn’t icing on the cake. 

I hear people talk about bedside manner as if it’s incidental to good care. If you aren’t comfortable talking with your doctor, your health can suffer. Doctors who don’t listen have poorer outcomes than doctors who do for one primary reason. You know your body better than a doc can know your body. If your doctor scares you, fear will make it difficult for you to listen and to ask questions. You may not need warm and fuzzy. You may, actually hate warm and fuzzy. But, you do need someone who visibly respects you as a patient, complete with your personality flaws and strengths. You also need someone who you can communicate well with.

This is not a beauty pageant, and there is no prize for Miss Congeniality.

If you think you’ll offend your doctor, hurt his/her feelings, or irritate him/her, get over it. Your life isn’t worth superficial politeness. In fact, if your doctor is offended or irritated by your getting a second opinion, I urge you to run to get one. A good doctor should welcome a second opinion. I asked my doctor if he thought I needed a second opinion and he said, “No.” He immediately followed this up with, “However, I will support you 100% in getting one. Another perspective is always valuable.” He gave me every reason to be confident, and also enabled me to follow my own instincts.


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Facing an important medical decision, most people are not aware of the importance of getting a second opinion. An accurate diagnosis is crucial for getting the correct treatment and avoiding potentially fatal medical errors.

Those who do seek a second opinion soon realize that finding the most suitable expert for their condition is highly challenging. Having to verify subspecialties, qualifications and credentials makes the task complicated. In many cases getting a second opinion also involves travelling abroad, which adds unnecessary expenses.

Other problems include long waits for appointments, potentially worsening the patient’s condition, and above all having no control over the process.  

Our mission is to improve healthcare by connecting patients worldwide with world leading physicians specializing in their particular condition. Using a smart and secure web based platform, we allow a direct and easy access to our network of physicians who consult each case and provide a second opinion and comprehensive treatment options. And as time often plays a crucial role in the diagnosis process, results are delivered within only days, rather than weeks or months.

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